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An intimate relationship with nature!

In the heart of Ibiza, luxury boutique hotel Cas Gasi offers exclusive accommodation to travelers looking for a peaceful haven within easy reach of the island’s delights.

The beautifully restored country home is set on four hectares of picturesque Mediterranean landscape of pine forests, orange and olive groves, almond, fig and carob trees plus organic vegetable plots.

A relaxing hideaway in pure surroundings.

To stay or not to stay, <br />
that’s not even a question.

To stay or not to stay,
that’s not even a question.

Cas Gasi is a boutique hotel that reflects the rural charm of its exceptional location in the heart of Ibiza’s countryside, set on four hectares of land just 12km from the Ibiza’s best beaches and attractions.

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“A hotel for people who don’t like hotels!“

Condé Nast Traveller

Cas Gasi Ibiza
Cas Gasi Ibiza

Sweet dreams are made of this….

At Cas Gasi Ibiza, your dwellings are much more than just ‘hotel rooms’. With a warm, welcoming ambience, no two rooms are alike, with each comfortable room or luxurious suite boasting its own personality, size, shape and décor, with the sense of personal touch behind every meticulously chosen object and detail.

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“Ibiza’s best-kept secret”


Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

A sustainable slice of Balearic bliss…

Escape to Cas Gasi, a sustainable haven in the tranquil countryside. Enjoy fresh, healthy, and organic cuisine, locally sourced and grown in the hotel’s own No Dig garden. Utilising solar panels and an advanced water cleansing plant, Cas Gasi ensures a minimal carbon footprint. Relax and recharge in the hotel’s idyllic surroundings, where sustainability and serenity meet.

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