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The art of nature

Through the lens of a pro: the art of nature in Cas Gasi


Our natural world is teeming with textures and Ibiza is the archetypal setting within which to find glorious examples.


A few years ago, we had an unusual hotel guest staying with us. A photographer, who wouldn’t, for one minute, stop taking pictures in our gardens, orchards, vegetable plot etc., totally excited! His incredible curiosity didn’t allow him to slow down for a respite.


He really turned us on to the natural art that was right out there in front of us.  

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Suddenly our handmade Ibizan wall was no longer just a wall, but an object to ponder, art. The bright orange pumpkin growing in our organic vegetable garden had so many more possibilities than its usual fate of becoming a soup. The cactuses along the walkway were no longer forboding, but inviting. And the often overlooked bark of our palm trees became sensual and hypnotizing.


The almonds scattered on our blue table a curated installation. These photos remind us of how the world is such a magical place if seen through the right lens. Like little children who can spend hours outdoors, and show such unbridled enthusiasm for the sheer

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Seeing the world around us from a textural perspective helps us take a break from micromanaging our lives.


It lets us hone in on the small details that mother nature has painted and sculpted before us.


An insight into the enchanted and irresistible force that sustains us all and holds us together, nurtured and supported.


Thank you Jeff! Jeff Vickers, MBE Hons FRPS Fenton Medal, is one of the leading minds from the beginning of digital photography.

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