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And relax… Cas Gasi Spa essentials

And relax… Cas Gasi Spa essentials

The Cas Gasi Spa facilities may not be the biggest, or the most famous in Ibiza, but our guests are guaranteed to receive the very best treatments on the island. Our therapists and masseuses are highly regarded (and regularly lauded) by our discerning guests and we are proud of the true world-class treatments we offer. Here are three of our favourites…

Ibiza Relax Massage: There’s a particular time of day at Cas Gasi that is absolutely blissful for a massage – between 7pm and 8pm, just before the sun goes down and as the sky begins to change colour and a fresh breeze sweeps into our chillout area… It’s so tranquil, as guests are in their rooms getting ready for dinner and it’s quiet around the pool. It is right now, at this moment, we recommend unwinding with a soft-to-medium Swedish massage and some aromatic oils to alleviate stress and tension for blissful relief and relaxation.

Aromatic Relax Facial Treatment: Whether it’s after a busy week at work, a dehydrating and draining long-haul flight or a long night of partying in Ibiza, this aromatic facial is a soothing treatment that incorporates pressure point massage to hydrate, balance and energise the skin, promoting relaxation and wellbeing – like eight hours sleep and two litres of water packed into one!

Pañpuri Ultimate Antioxidant Journey: Ready to really indulge? Sit back, relax and enjoy a foot bath, body scrub, detox body mask and detox massage that is a truly unforgettable holiday experience. Allow our therapists to rebalance your soul with a sensual gentle polish using Bali body scrub and then purify your body in a mineral-rich body detoxifier of deep sea clay. Finish with a jasmine scented, anti-oxidant massage oil, leaving you feeling tingly and your skin totally refreshed. Ready to get back out there and make the most of your Ibiza holiday!

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