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Back to tranquility

Back to tranquility

It’s that time of year where things start to shift on this magical island. The days begin to cool yet the sun shines on and the people of Ibiza start to slow down. Friends who were busy during the summer months are finally able to meet over tea or dinner, catching up on each other’s lives and reconnecting. Others find themselves able to let their hair down and party after a hectic summer. Ibiza is an island of paradox, so small in size yet so full of heart.

For the uninitiated, Ibiza provides a perfect balance of action and peace. With a year-round social scene, energies can be focused outwardly at the many events, festivals and gatherings across the island. Alternatively, dip into the peace and tranquillity of the natural world for some important ‘me time’. Book a spa treatment, walk in the forest, take a yoga class or simply sit quietly in a lovely place for a rare moment of precious solitude.

Whichever side of Ibiza appeals – and maybe it’s a bit of both – Cas Gasi is the heart, the hearth and the soul to come home to. The gentle vibe of the hotel is like a warm embrace and whatever kind of day you’ve had – be it quiet and contemplative or boisterous and exciting – our doors open onto a welcoming, inclusive and heartfelt ambience.

Pinning down the essence of Ibiza is difficult. There are so many aspects to discover. She is like a kaleidoscope of opportunities and experiences where that worn epithet – there’s something for everyone – is actually true.

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