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Bring on Spring

Bring on Spring

It is sunny and 18 degrees in Ibiza and not a cloud in the sky. The grass in the fields surrounding Cas Gasi is a deep shade of Kelly green, contrasting with the red earth, and sprinkled with vibrantly colored wild flowers that dance in the light breeze. The scenery of the almond trees in full bloom has been taken over by the sprouting flora diligently covering every available space around. The song of birds in love create the current sound track playing on the terrace as one of our usual guests sips a glass of Montesa, enthralled in a thick book. Time seems to be standing still. It’s the end of March, and spring is undeniably here.

It is a well kept secret that Cas Gasi in early spring is a hideaway for those who prefer to go against the grain. At this time of year one learns to dress like an onion, ever ready to peel away the layers of clothing as the day marches on and the sun warms the air.

However, that cosy end-of-winter feeling that so many cherish is not lost here at all. As the day draws to a close, our guests still wrap themselves in the warmth of one of our wool blankets hanging on the handmade wooden ladder on the porch. As night falls, they make their way inside to the sitting room where the fire keeps burning in the grand fireplace, illuminating the sabina wood celling. As the flames dance and glow across the space, it’s difficult to distinguish whether you are in a mountain chalet or on an island retreat.

Luckily, the Mediterranean sea is nearby, only a 10 minute drive. Tomorrow morning, after sunrise and a healthy Cas Gasi breakfast, the sea will be calling you to soak your toes in the fresh cool water on a (still) deserted Ibizan beach. Why not join the fun?

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