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A stroll throughout the many rooms, suites, sitting rooms, and living areas of Cas Gasi unearths many a unique and interesting piece of décor. No matter how many times one strolls the corridors, new and interesting pieces are always discovered, a testament to the eye for style and attention to detail of owners Margaret and Luis, who have been collecting their furnishings for many years… with many more to come.

Take a look at some of our favourite pieces:

17th century wooden chest
A family heirloom dating back to 1606, this striking, dark wooden chest was originally a piece of everyday furniture in Margaret’s childhood home. She and her sister would come home form school, carelessly toss their school books and bags in or on it, never aware of the importance of the piece – literally, just part of the furniture! Today it takes pride of place on the first floor landing, still in beautiful condition and a very valuable antique indeed.

Antique cherub painting
Sweet, innocent and yet slightly kitsch, this tiny antique painting of two little cheeky cherubs has also been in Margaret’s family since childhood in Barcelona. Today it is perched high atop a bookcase, the angels watching over the reading room, and Margaretrecollects a feeling of excitement as a very little girl, sneaking a peek at their chubby little naked bodies (in a family of only sisters, boys were foreign to the little girls), unsure as to whether she was allowed to look at it or not! Perhaps she simply had an eye for art from an early age!

Antique leather desk chair
The beautifully rounded reading chair sitting atop of the first floor landing in the main building of the hotel was once the chair Margaret’s father – a man who had very high standards and exceptional taste in furnishings – used as his sturdy desk chair. The rich brown leather is still original, as are the brass buttons, with a soft velvet cushion making it possible to relax today…

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