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The discerning traveller

You’ll never find crowds at eco luxury Agroturismo Cas Gasi Ibiza


just discerning travellers looking for a quiet stay.

And we are open! We are excited to continue hosting and taking care of our resident guests and those who may still travel, if not for holidays but for other reasons. Our restaurant still serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to staying guests, and our delicious food, with much of it from our country garden, continues to delight. Our 4 ha finca with it’s old house dating 1880, lies on a hillside facing south, in the heart of the island of Ibiza. With a variety of local vegetation, olive groves producing our organic cold pressed oil, fruit orchards, flower beds, organically run agriculture and vegetable plots, it is a garden of bounty.
Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

It is hard to believe in what situation we are in. When we thought it was soon going to be over, we find ourselves again in lock downs and restrictions and sufferings for many people. We feel so much empathy, and still seem to be so far away from it in our small paradise…


Navigating through imposed limitations is not easy, accepting them and still pursuing  independence and freedom to think, and act, less. It is important to focus on the silver lining of it all, because our challenge it is to find, if not to search for, the personal positive aspect which will come along.


We enjoy sharing our values with our guests. Here at Cas Gasi we are living the dream of putting into practice our sustainable view of the world. Since we are not perfect, but rather perfectly imperfect, we feel this is what gives us the everyday joy and the drive to get things done better around us. The human contact, the good food, our wonderful dog, the presence of nature, are simple things which we can enjoy and be thankful for every day

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

I love what I do and I do what I love, this leaves the question of cause-effect open and is an interesting aspect of our lives.
Somebody to love, something to do, something to look forward to, may resume the pillars of a happy life.
Here at Cas Gasi we still enjoy a good life. Being on Ibiza allows us to get up every morning feeling the sunshine, breathing fresh, clean air, soaking in the beauty of nature around us.
We would love to know about you, how you are doing….
We can’t wait to share Cas Gasi with you again!

With love and gratitude,

Your Cas Gasi Team

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