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The importance of being Easter

Does it sound like Oscar Wilde? Well, it’s all about how we celebrate Easter, depending on where we come from culturally. And how do we celebrate it here on Ibiza and at Cas Gasi?

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Up close and personal: an interview with Cas Gasi’s founder

Margaret von Korff was born to a German family in Barcelona in November of 1957…

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“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

Breathe… We agree with poet William Cullen Bryant, Autumn is one of our favourite seasons at Cas Gasi in Ibiza

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Thai Yoga Massage: The Art of Tranquillity

There’s a fresh contender for Cas Gasi’s most addictive experience.

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WOMEN TO WATCH: Lady of the house, Margaret von Korff

Feel as if you were at home during your holidays. This is what Margaret von Korff and her family have achieved with Cas Gasi.

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Design details

Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff shares her unique take on design, creativity and the hotel’s eclectic style.

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Earth Day at Cas Gasi

April 22nd is Earth Day – a global celebration that’s close to our hearts.

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Bring on Spring

It is sunny and 18 degrees in Ibiza and not a cloud in the sky. The grass in the fields surrounding Cas Gasi is a deep shade of Kelly green…

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Our local villages

There are times on holiday when you just want to hang out and do a whole lot of nothing much at all. Then there are those days when it’s a

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Going back to winter

As the temperature settles into a mild winter, the island’s mood changes from eventful to more reflective.

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