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Maga von Korff, Barcelona born of German origins, and her water dog Viz never separate, not even every morning when Cas Gasi’s lady of the house takes a 40-minute walk to the nearest village, Santa Gertrudis, on a route of roads and forest. “She is my shadow, she comes from a breed of dogs of a single owner and follows me everywhere without a leash,” confesses the creator of this exclusive accommodation, located in a sophisticated environment that distinguishes itself by its impeccable simplicity. Warm and attentive but without being invasive, she, like her hippie rastafari companion, has never managed to stay still, a detail that has led her to turn her home into one of those little hotels that attract interesting personalities from around the globe, as well as from the arts, fashion and literary world.

“I have traveled since I was little and I have stayed in the most wonderful hotels. The right places create magic”

After meeting her Ibiza-born husband Luis Trigueros Juan, sailor and lawyer, during the Whitbread Round The World Race 85/86 project, they decided that Ibiza would be their center of operations. “Cas Gasi has been and is our home. Here my children have grown and here we have shaped our lifestyle. I have been able to do everything I felt the need and urgency for, from setting up the organic agriculture on our land, to the every day sustainability and care of our environment. We like to share what we have created with like-minded people.“ And that is what sets them apart from others, offering an escape from the “more and faster” by giving importance to other values, such as time, well-being and tranquillity, in a natural environment that is guided by intuition and energy. “Ours is not a business, but a way of life,” she says. “And what matters most in this house are our guests.”

Margaret Von Korff