Yoga Retreats

Looking to reconnect with yourself and find your true centre? A bespoke, personal yoga retreat at Cas Gasi helps you distance yourself from a frenetic and hectic lifestyle, offering a wonderful revitalising break in a sublime setting. Suitable for all levels.

Personal appointment upon arrival. Meet Cas Gasi’s in-house therapist and yoga teacher to discuss your lifestyle, needs and goals to personalise your stay.

Two yoga sessions per day. Each session gives you more space, more openness and more possibilities. Yoga helps unite your body, mind and spirit, to be in complete consciousness. A truly transformative experience.

One morning class to awaken your body and mind, starting with different pranayamas or breathing techniques and a meditation session, followed by a series of postures (vinyasa), linked by the breath, concentration and balance. The postures can be adapted and vary depending on your level and needs.

One evening class to end the day in perfect harmony, when the body becomes more flexible, suited to intense stretching. The session concludes with meditation.

One massage per day, tailored to your needs.

Healthy meal plans. Cas Gasi’s in-house chef prepares delicious vegetarian meals with the produce plucked straight from the certified organic gardens onsite.

“Everywhere there are romantic places to just sit and let time go by.”
vip international traveller