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Featured artist: Linde Bialas

Featured artist: Linde Bialas

Above the plush sofa in one of the Cas Gasi lounge rooms is an image of three gorgeous, voluptuous women. The painting is by Ibiza based German artist Linde Bialas. It shows the women in shades of ochre, duck egg blue and white, reclining mid-thought, mid-movement, mid-conversation. It’s an image that is both beautiful and uplifting. The organic lines of the ample flesh, the brown craft paper on which the painting is daubed, and the position of the figures make it seem like a scene set amongst best friends, whiling the afternoon away chatting.

Bialas studied painting and illustration at the Academy of Contemporary Art in Munich and Stuttgart. There she met her future husband, photographer Chico Bialas. Together they formed a team that was soon art directing and shooting for the world’s hottest fashion houses including Kenzo, Guerlain, Cacharel and Ungaro. Their work was featured in Elle, Marie-Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Donna among many others.

Eventually the couple eschewed the fast-paced fashion world and moved to Ibiza, where Linde was able to develop her artistic sensibilities and where Chico continued to capture what he called “the usual unusual”. Linde’s art has naturally metamorphosed as she has continued to explore her themes and methods. This early piece shows the artist’s burgeoning voice as she establishes the foundations of her metier. A beautiful and much-loved piece that has a special place in the hearts of the owners of Cas Gasi.

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