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Formentera by boat – Day trip

Formentera by boat – Day trip

Formentera is sometimes referred to as Ibiza’s little sister but to be perfectly frank this is rather a misnomer. It is nothing like Ibiza. Setting off on a private charter across the azure sea (watch out for dolphins and flying fish) is an adventure steeped in pure luxurious indulgence. Then, when you step onto the soft golden sands, all of a sudden you just… get it. This is Formentera; she has an entirely different personality to her glittering sister across the Med.

Formentera is soulful in a way Ibiza cannot be. Diminutive, with wide-open roads, undisturbed coves and a sense of time stood still there is none of the sparkly, frenetic jubilance of Ibiza. Everything slows down and the quality of the sunlight lends itself to romantic and indolent daydreaming. A trip to Formentera is an escape within your escape. An extra layer of beauty to add to your time in Ibiza.

Cas Gasi has been using the same charter company for their Formentera boat trips for years and over that time formed a very special relationship. The skippers know exactly what Cas Gasi’s guests require in order to completely let go and let the day flow over them.

Stop over at Es Palmador (the island just before you arrive to your main destination), an uninhabited island paradise, for a swim in the crystal seas. Take an aperitivo on board as you head to the mainland of Formentera where a dinghy service collects you for lunch in any number of the top end restaurants that dot the beaches and coves. After lunch, hang on the beach or hop back on board for a tour of the island, swims out in the crystalline open water, or return to Ibiza for a circuit around Es Vedra to witness most magical sunset in the world.

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