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From the Cas Gasi kitchen – Cati’s greixonera

From the Cas Gasi kitchen – Cati’s greixonera

Many cultures around the world have developed recipes that used up the previous days leftovers. It’s only in recent history that we live with an abundance of produce and can afford to be less thrifty, although there is a profound satisfaction in chomping down on a well-preserved recipe from yesteryear made exactly as your grandmother used to, not wasting anything and creating deliciousness in the process.

Traditional to the Balearics, the greixonera is one such recipe. Named after the earthenware dish it is baked in, the greixonera resembles its British cousin, bread and butter pudding. Made with left over ensaïmadas (traditional sweet bread), eggs, milk and cinnamon, each family has its own recipe and method which is fiercely protected from outsiders. Customarily greixonera was made for family celebrations, perhaps a birthday, baptism or first communion. These days however waiting around for a celebration to enjoy this local specialty is tortuous and greixonera is seen on many menus around the island on a daily basis.

Cati, Cas Gasi’s head of housekeeping, brought her personal, family recipe to the hotel many years ago. It is an exquisite example of this traditional dessert, light and creamy. Even after all these years Cati still refuses to hand the recipe over anyone else and insists on making it herself every time it’s required. It helps of course that Cati’s eggs are coming directly from Cas Gasi’s happy hens. But there is no doubt that there is some secret that has been passed down through the generations of women in Cati’s family that makes this greixonera the best on the island. There is no prying it out of her and like her forbearers she too will pass the secret onto her own daughter when the time is right.

In the meantime Cas Gasi guests are supremely fortunate to be able to sample this delectable slice of Ibicenco history as well as play a hand in keeping alive Cati’s family traditions.

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