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Experience the essence of organic dining at Cas Gasi Ibiza

At Cas Gasi Ibiza, we invite you to immerse yourself in the very essence of organic dining. Our commitment to natural and sustainable practices takes you on a journey that embraces Ibiza's rich Phoenician heritage and time-honored traditions.
With utmost care and expertise, our talented chefs utilize local, organic, and wholesome ingredients to create dishes that showcase the exceptional quality and flavors of the region.
For us, food goes beyond mere nourishment; it embodies the celebration of life's cultural diversity, a connection to our ancestral roots, and a profound respect for the earth and its abundance.

Cas Gasi Ibiza
Cas Gasi Ibiza

The art of life is to taste the oyster and savour the flavour of every moment.

To Cherish

To Cherish

We take great pleasure in welcoming groups of family and friends to Cas Gasi Ibiza. To ensure an unforgettable experience for you, we are offering a special menu for these occasions.

Our daily changing menu curated by the kitchen:
Apertivo, 3 sharing starters followed by fish/meat/vegetarian main course and dessert.
100 €

The Full menu:
A tailor made selections of 8 plates from our chef
The occacion for us to make you discover the beauty food diversity of the island.
135 €

To make a booking, please use our inquiry form.

A unique dining experience in the heart of Ibiza

Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates simplicity and luxury amidst a rustic ambiance. Cas Gasi Ibiza proudly stands as one of the finest restaurants on the island, where the love for natural, organic, and sustainable cuisine forms the bedrock of our culinary philosophy. Together, we invite you to savor a unique dining experience in the heart of Ibiza, where gastronomy enthusiasts can relish in live, untamed, and healthy cuisine without compromising on exquisite flavors and the finest quality sourced from local and organic producers.

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

"It seems to me that our three basic needs, for food and security and love, are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others. So it happens that when I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and the love of it and the hunger for it... and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfied... and it is all one."

M.F.K. FISHER. The Art of Eating

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