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Indulge in the flavors of nature: Discover our seasonal menus at Cas Gasi Restaurant

At Cas Gasi Restaurant, our menu is a celebration of nature. We source the freshest seasonal ingredients straight from our own „Silent Garden“ to bring the essence of the earth to your plate. Our chefs take pride in carefully crafting each dish to highlight the natural flavors and beauty of each ingredient, with a focus on local and organic produce.

Savour the <br />
slow & wild

Savour the
slow & wild

Our menu is a sensory experience that transcends taste. From appetizers to entrees, each dish is a work of art that showcases the beauty of the earth. The result is a truly unique dining experience that will delight your taste buds and elevate your dining experience.

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Aperitivo Cas Gasi

Sourdough bread with our farm oil, marinated olives

Farm Egg

Poached egg, spinach, crumbs, estragon

Garden Tartare

Salt-baked beetroot, avocado and nasturtium granite

Little Gems

Garden-picked lettuces, roasted carrots, toasted almonds and pickles


Roasted leeks, orange and kimchi (2 units)

Green Leaves

From the oven with parmesan, pine kennels and raisins

Iberian Bellota Ham

With crystal bread and tomato

Stracciatella From Ibiza

Fermented lemon skin, herbs and sobrasada oil

Gazpacho Primavera

Green peas, mint, red prawn


Coriander and citrus salt-cured, nispero coulis, pickled radish, chilli oil

Cas Gasi Salad

Fermented crudites, lettuce, wild sprouts

Our Caponata

Roasted vegetables from the garden

Cas Gasi Ibiza
Cas Gasi Ibiza

Main Courses

Wild Seabass

Parsnip purée, hazelnuts, green peas

Desalted Cod

With aromatic tomatoes

Squid from Formentera

Yellow pepper, evaporated milk, black olive and kale


Fondue of cheese, herbs and Ibizan Herbs liquor

Ribeye Steak

Young spinach, potato thyme terrine


With pomegranate and green leaves

Farm Chicken

Smoked potato musselin, shallots confit, favas, pickled mustard

Buckwheat Risotto

Sunflower seeds, kasha, millet and chives

Cas Gasi Ibiza
Cas Gasi Ibiza


Cheese Platter

3 Cheeses selection

Cheese Cake

with fermented lemon jam

Haitian Chocolate Ganache

Orange, caramelised walnuts and sea salt

Goat milk cake

Lacto-fermented orchard strawberry, lime and rosemary

Chocolate Cake

70% Guanaia

Vegan ice cream



Lemon or mandarine

Ice cream


Taste the commitment to
sustainability with
Cas Gasi’s Cuisine

We invite you to taste the magic of nature on your plate. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner for two or a memorable family meal, our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that each dish is a delicious and meaningful experience

Taste the commitment to <br />
sustainability with <br />
Cas Gasi’s Cuisine

The art of life is to taste the oyster and savour the flavour of every moment.


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