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Going off the grid at Cas Gasi

Going off the grid at Cas Gasi

In days gone by, people used to write letters. They would sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and have a little think about what they wanted to say. Then they would write it down, put it in an envelope and take it to the post office where a stamp would be purchased and it would be on its way and the letter writer could go about her day without another thought until a reply came some time later that week or even the next. Oh, how times have changed! This is why it’s even more important to consider our holiday time as sacred. A time to really zone out and step off the grid.

Cas Gasi is most definitely the perfect place to truly let go of all those so-called important things that require passcodes, reply-alls and hashtags. Let’s just say, check in so you can check out. Leave the phone on silent and head to yoga. Leave the laptop upstairs and head to the spa for a treatment. Leave the tablet anywhere you want and go chill by the pool while our staff serves you lovely things to eat and drink. The key word in this scenario is ‘leave’. Leave it all behind and allow yourself to slip into bliss.

Our concierge takes over bookings and suggestions. Our receptionists diligently take down any messages. You even have total control over the music selection via the Marshall Stereo Bluetooth loudspeakers in your room so that your personal chill out tunes can aid in your journey towards pure relaxation.

It’s true, some people just cannot do without, which is where our speedy WiFi comes in. Check in to check out but if you really must check your email while you’re under our roof, Cas Gasi can make it as painless as possible.

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