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Hygge at Cas Gasi

Hygge at Cas Gasi

Hygge has become somewhat of a contemporary buzzword of late (it was in fact, The Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2016!), though it is a concept the Danish have long been practicing, due to their long and dark winters. The lowdown: hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is all about getting cosy and comfy, focusing on enjoying life’s little pleasures, making every day moments meaningful and creating intimate connections between family and friends.

Hygge at Cas Gasi

But hygge is so much more than these words (as a matter of fact, there is not even a word in English it translates to) and definitely much more profound than just another trend to hit the hipster market! Hygge is a feeling. Hygge is warm. Hygge is kind. Hygge is loving. Hygge is beauty. Hygge is joy. Hygge is the smell of freshly baked bread, a steaming cup of tea, a crackling fireplace. Hygge is… Cas Gasi.

From the first moment the concept trickled into our mainstream media, we felt a deep connection to hygge here at Cas Gasi. After all, it’s something we have been practicing ourselves for many, many years. Taking moments to stop and enjoy the hotel’s ambience as we light flickering candles in cosy corners, or switch on small, pretty lamps for a more romantic style of illumination. Sharing a smile with our guests and ours staff as we pass in the stairway or lobby. Sipping hot chocolate, or a hot toddy, as we take the time out to read a book in front of our fireplace in the evenings.

For our guests, hygge becomes an essential part of the daily Cas Gasi experience. Revelling in the warmth of our underfloor heating as they step out of bed each morning in the cooler months. Feeling weightless as they sink into a deep, relaxing bubble bath in one of our divine tubs, or the wonderfully warm whirlpool in our spa. Welcoming the swift, sweet feeling of sleep, as they lay their heads on our luxurious pillows and pull our plush feather duvets up over their shoulders.

Our passionate kitchen team dream up healthy and delicious food that is at once comforting and nourishing. Almost all produce comes directly from our own organic garden, planted and harvested with love by our gardner Pepe, before making its way into the kitchen and onto your plate. That warm, comforting feeling of a full stomach after a bowl of healthy soup or roasted seasonal vegetables can’t be beaten (until you discover you still have room for a warm chocolate pudding of course!).

Winter in Ibiza certainly isn’t as harsh as the Danish reality, so there’s no reason not to embrace this beautiful concept in the great outdoors. Layer warm, woolly sweaters with cashmere scarves and wraps, pull on your most snug pairs of socks and boots and head out into the countryside surrounding Cas Gasi. Long walks breathing in that fresh Ibiza air will get your cheeks glowing beautifully and have you embracing hygge with all your heart. Take your time. Appreciate the moment. Soak up the sun or revel in the sunset. Take stock of your feelings. And remember, when you return to the hotel, there’s plenty more hygge where that came from…

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