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Ibiza souvenirs: Local delights

Ibiza souvenirs: Local delights

Obligatory excess luggage laden with gifts for your loved ones is all part of the holiday experience, however Ibiza town’s fluorescent t-shirts and tawdry postcards are hardly the souvenirs dreams are made of.

But like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz before you, it seems at Cas Gasi you need not look further than your own back yard for dreams to come true, with some handmade, high-quality and beautifully packaged souvenirs available to share with your nearest and dearest available from the hotel kitchen.

Think cold-pressed organic olive oil, harvested, pressed and packaged right here on the premises; rose-petal infused gin – made with love and passion behind the cosy Cas Gasi bar, or lush rose petal marmalade, putting all the pretty, colourful petals to practical (and yummy!) use.

In addition to the produce available directly from the hotel, you’ll find some other local delights around the island that may also appeal to those in search of culinary keepsakes. Stock up on products made from the salt of the earth – or more specifically, the salt of Las Salinas – such as salted almonds, chocolate with sea-salt or chili and hibiscus flavoured rock salt by Sal de Ibiza, instantly recognizable by its pastel blue tubs and packaging.

Last, but in Ibiza, never least, there are the signature bottles of Hierbas de Ibizaperfumes – the unique essences and fragrances of the island captured within a scent. Imagine catching a hint of orange, lemon, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage, jasmine, vanilla, orange blossom and cinnamon in the air in your home city, conjuring up memories of your wonderful summer holiday at Cas Gasi… it’s Ibiza in a bottle!

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