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Ibiza’s magificent museums

Ibiza’s magificent museums

For millennia, Ibiza was a crossroads for myriad cultures, each of which have left their mark on the island in some form or another. Many of the artefacts left behind have been collected in the island’s magnificent museums. Between enjoying the relaxed lifestyle and beautiful beaches, visitors should stop by the island’s museums where the secrets of Ibiza’s past and perhaps her future can be discerned.

Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera

Situated next to the Cathedral in the cobbled streets of the old town, this excellent museum covers 3000 years of local history. Artefacts and exhibits date back to Phoenician times before travelling through the times of the Moors, Romans, the Punic wars and the Christian re-conquest.

Monographic Museum Puig des Molins

The tombs in this ancient burial site date back to 600BC. It’s one of the largest necropolises in the world with around 7000 graves, many of which were furnished with jewellery, precious stones and other artefacts. Walking around the site is a spooky look into the funeral rites of the earliest Phoenician settlers. The accompanying museum explores the various rituals and items involved in the preparation of ancient funerary processes.

Ethnographic Museum Santa Eulalia

Located alongside the Santa Eulalia River, this fascinating museum is situated in an old farmhouse. The exhibition features objects, tools and everyday items used by the island’s ancestors. It’s a unique view into what daily life was like for many right up until about 50 years ago.

Casa Broner

Famed German architect and artist Erwin Broner built his home in the heart of Sa Penya, in Ibiza’s old town, in 1960 and it’s now open as a museum. Lovers of architecture and mid-century design will fall head over heels for this absolute masterpiece of modernist design. Sparsely furnished, as was Broner’s style, the house contains some of his personal belongings and possesses a spectacular views of the Med.

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