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In bloom: Cas Gasi gardens…

In bloom: Cas Gasi gardens…

Alive with vibrant colour, beautiful, flowing movement and perfectly manicured lawns, it would seem the soil at Cas Gasi has been blessed with something magical, due to the way the flowers, plants and grass thrive here!

Originally, the plans for the gardens started with a single row of roses, which bloomed into such exquisite colourful, sweet smelling blooms that they became a talking point. The following year, more roses were added, and the years after that, until the stunning archways of roses you see today were created. From the minute the buds appear, as they unfurl and release their beautiful aroma, every moment in the rose gardens is magical… and after all, you can never have too many roses!

In addition to the famous roses, Cas Gasi is also resplendent with many other flora and fauna, from typical Mediterranean plants such as fragrant lavender and rosemary bushes to pretty little blossoms like lantanas, gorgeous calas and stunning violets. But the star of the show each and every summer is the pretty-in-pink bougainvillea climbing the walls – an overwhelming explosion of colour that is unforgettably Ibiza…

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