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In bloom: Ibiza almond blossoms

In bloom: Ibiza almond blossoms

As the thick of the winter starts to come to an end, the fields of Ibiza become awash with a beautiful white haze… No, it’s not snow – rather, this spectacular show of nature is the annual blooming of the almond blossoms, when the wiry old almond trees finally get to show off, turning the country landscapes into picturesque scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale.

From mid-January until the end of February, the fluffy looking white almond blossoms remain on the trees, and can be spotted on almost every main road, piece of farmland or mountain in Ibiza.

The area of Sant Ines is famous for its seemingly endless fields of almond blossoms, with an annual full moon almond blossom walk taking place amongst the thousands of trees in February each year. As striking as Sant Ines is, we think nothing beats the sheer natural beauty of San Carlos, where the almond blossoms are more integrated with nature, a joy to stroll through (and yes, of course photograph) away fro the more popular areas in the island’s west.

Here at Cas Gasi, our own almond trees also come into bloom – and while there may not be fields full of them, each one is striking in its own unique beauty. The beauty of these frosty looking flowers is that they actually signify the arrival of spring. Any day now, we can stop wearing our coats, scarves and gloves…

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