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Meet our neighbours

Meet our neighbours

There’s a very special connection between Cas Gasi and neighbours Bartomeu and Catalina, who live directly alongside the hotel. It’s a deep bond that has spanned 26 years of mutual respect and laughter. This special friendship manifests every morning on the Cas Gasi breakfast table in the form of fresh goat cheese.

It might seem like an odd symbol of neighbourliness but here in Ibiza it makes perfect sense. Before Cas Gasi was a hotel, Its owner Margaret and Luis had a goat called Rosita with 2 kids. After a dramatic experience for the new farmers, in which wild dogs killed the young goats, Rosita was gifted to Catalina. Rosita turned out to be a very loyal and productive goat. Catalina now prepares a delicious cheese with Rosita’s milk, the local way, using the traditional vegetal curdling agent of dried flowers or fig leaves from the garden instead of animal rennet.

Catalina delivers a variety of homemade cheeses to the hotel but it’s Rosita’s cheese that is always highly praised, especially the curd prepared according to a family recipe with mint. And when Catalina writes up the cheese bill for Cas Gasi, anything made by Rosita comes with a big discount. After all, she was our goat originally.

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