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Meet the family – Vera

Meet the family – Vera

In her role as Operations Manager at Cas Gasi, Margaret and Luis’s daughter Vera is constantly revisiting memories of her childhood; like the daily juice squeezed from oranges picked right off the tree, the birthday parties and other celebrations, crawling into bed with her parents on weekend mornings in what is now room 105, the property ringing with the bustle of five dogs and various children not to mention chickens and goats.

Vera used to meet up with Cecilia, still her best friend and neighbour after all these years. The two girls would head off on their bicycles, discovering treasures, climbing trees and sharing secrets. It was a rustic, natural childhood. Life for the children was lived outdoors in nature; a childhood marked by innocence and joy.

After attending school in Ibiza then later in Germany and Barcelona, Vera went on to complete degrees in Art History in London and then a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She worked in London, which she credits as the city that instilled in her a sense of independent spirit. After several intense years working in the art world she longed for the lush, natural beauty and peace of Ibiza. She returned home taking up her position alongside her mother – in addition to all her other duties, Vera is also Cas Gasi’s licensed life guard! Hospitality is in her blood and she relishes providing guests with a unique experience and personalised service for which Cas Gasi is famous. And every-so-often she checks people into what was once her childhood bedroom.

Vera is fiercely proud of her family and finds working closely with her mother a blessing. Margaret is her daily motivation and she hopes that she is able to emulate her strength and drive.

Even though she still dips her toes into city life every-so-often Vera’s roots are definitely planted in Ibiza. As the famed Tatler magazine recently quoted her saying, “I leave my high heels in London. On the island I go barefoot.” Ibiza by birth, Ibiza by nature.

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