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Meet the team: Bettina Knapp, yoga instructor & nutritional expert

Meet the team: Bettina Knapp, yoga instructor & nutritional expert

Yoga instructor and nutritional expert Bettina Knapp was 19 when she first came to Ibiza. She remembers stepping out of the airport and feeling a deep sense of belonging. She knew that one day she would build a dream life here. But there were a couple of other lives to live first, all through which Ibiza sat in her heart waiting for the time when she would finally be ready.

That time finally came a year ago.

Originally from Austria, Bettina gained her yoga qualification in the United States. She initially practiced to find balance from her very busy work life in hospitality. It worked, for a while, but there was always a greater vocation waiting just below the surface. She was feeling stressed, working too much and trying her best to take care of herself when the universe presented her with what she needed. “I walked by a sign one day saying ‘sign up yoga for teacher training’ and I just walked in and signed up,” she says. “It was right there in front of me.”

On achieving her qualifications Bettina started to teach and also founded a new business, making fresh almond milk and eventually other natural products. Her philosophy was simple – fresh is best. It was very successful and then one day she realised that yet again, she was back to working seven days a week and feeling stressed. “I’d built my own cage,” she says of the time. “The success of the business required more investment, more time and it was no longer fitting the lifestyle I wanted. Ibiza was calling me.”

Finding her place as in-house yoga teacher and advisor on all things nutrition at Cas Gasi was a serendipitous delight. Frankly, they were made for each other. “This place allows me to do all the things I love – make healthy food, help people with their nutrition and develop my yoga,” she explains. “It’s just wonderful. I love it!” Her enthusiasm is contagious and Bettina loves nothing more than being with guests, listening to their needs, getting to know them and being part of their journey towards wellbeing. “I like to present things with a light touch,” she says. “There is no judgement, everything is gentle and positive.” It’s a lovely attitude one encounters throughout the whole hotel.

During summer, Bettina offers a daily free morning yoga class in Vinyasa Flow style to hotel guests. Private one-to-one sessions can be reserved individually. She is also available to advise guests on their dietary requirements and nutritional needs throughout their stay. Bettina creates individual ‘bespoke retreats’ – tailoring yoga, spa treatments, nutrition and exercise into a weekly program for those who are looking to retreat, yet don’t wish to join a structured group. For a bespoke retreat please contact Bettina at

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