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Meet the team – Cati, housekeeping

Meet the team – Cati, housekeeping

26 years ago Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros Juan moved into the house that is now known around the world as the boutique hotel, Cas Gasi. Margaret turned to her neighbour Cati shortly before the family’s home was converted into hotel and a lasting friendship was formed.

Cati is the foundation of Cas Gasi, the one constant in an ever-changing environment that hosts a revolving range of guests. She keeps the welcoming fires of quality and joy burning, uplifting the mood of everyone she comes across.

Margaret and Cati have been working side by side for over 15 years, going through problems, finding solutions and caring for each other. Margaret knows Cati has a keen eye for detail and that she can trust her to complete every task with the utmost care. She’s an excellent guide to newer employees, teaching them with a gentle manner yet a firm conviction that her way is the right way.

Cati is proudly Ibicenco and Margaret admires her countenance. Never servile, always consistent and supremely authentic, Cati treats everyone the same whether they are royalty, rock stars or colleagues.

Well known for her high standards and kindness, Cati is also famous for her very own version of the typical Ibicenco dessert Graixonera, which she makes for the hotel’s kitchen. After all these years Cati still fiercely guards her secret recipe.

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