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Meet the team: Diego, head of reception and concierge

Meet the team: Diego, head of reception and concierge

On an island that sees its fair share of comings and goings, it’s a testament to Diego’s love for Ibiza and of course, for Cas Gasi, that 2016 is his fifth year here at the hotel.

Born in Nove, in the Italian Veneto, Diego studied to become an electrical engineer but his natural wanderlust and desire to experience life to the full left that career path well behind. He travelled and worked in Valencia, Australia and all over his native Italy before arriving in Ibiza five years ago at the recommendation of a friend. Cas Gasi was the first place he sent his CV to and owner Margaret von Korff was the first to call him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Margaret and Diego are like two peas in a pod. Both have a precision of movement and a refined intuition that seems to know exactly what guests need before they do. “I like order, and I strive for perfection,” Diego says. “It’s a joy for me to make things efficient.” What more could you need in a receptionist and concierge at a boutique hotel?

Diego even loves the busy moments when there are a hundred different requests and requirements. “Nothing is really hard because I love working here,” he explains. “I enjoy finding the solutions to people’s needs. To help guests enjoy their time here is such a pleasure for me.”

On his days off Diego loves to explore the many coves and beaches on the island and always seeks out the less visited locations. In the mornings he swims or plays tennis and during the winter he satisfies his wanderlust and continues to travel. In recent years he’s been to Berlin to perfect his German, South America for his Spanish and Myanmar because, why not? He’s not sure where this winter will take him but he definitely has plans to spend some more time here, to soak up the peace and quiet of Ibiza in winter.

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