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Music at Cas Gasi

Music at Cas Gasi

Every time you pass through the doors of Cas Gasi there is music. It is part of life at the hotel, suffusing the ordinary daily tasks with a gentle rhythm of blues, jazz, chill out and even the occasional rock classic.

The state of the art Sono Sound System allows different music to be channelled into different spaces so guests can choose the tunes to match their mood and location. The playlists are compiled by owner Margaret and her team and show an eclectic taste that sprawls across genres, eras and styles. Each playlist is a reflection of the hotel’s individual style and is created organically, without effort, depending on the mood at each time.

The music is chosen with the hotel’s personality in mind, to accompany  its familiar and comfortable feeling. Margaret is so often surprised by guests who ask to buy a CD or request a link to the playlist mix. To her, it is just something that is done, for pleasure, to add to the ambience of the day and her guests. But over time, it has become an element of the hotel that can bring back happy holiday memories for a guest when they hear the very special choice of great songs when they return home.

The whole family is passionate about music and subtle changes in style may be noticeable on the arrival of Margaret and Luis’ children. Luis has compiled various playlists for the hotel, which are regularly updated with new tracks of the best in jazz, classical and modern music.Each family member has his or her own favoured playlists.

When Margaret recently rediscovered her old collection of vinyl LPs she was beyond excited and quickly ordered a turntable. Her collection includes many classics in their original pressing. Any day now the turntable will arrive and once again the Cas Gasi playlist will evolve. With that warm, heartening tenor that only vinyl can provide the rooms at Cas Gasi will be filled with classics from The Beatles and the Stones to the best jazz standards ever produced.

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