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Now and then: The Cas Gasi kitchen

Now and then: The Cas Gasi kitchen

When Cas Gasi first transformed from a family home into a hotel it was owner Luis Trigueros Juan who manned the ovens and provided sustenance to the guests. The speciality of Luis’s kitchen was traditional salt-baked whole fish. His intuition for when the fish, buried under a crusty salt casing, is perfectly cooked is unsurpassed. Make sure you try this dish at least once in your life – there is something about the combination of the salt crust, the right oven temperature and fresh fish plucked out of the sea that day that makes for a delectable and unforgettable meal.

Nowadays Cas Gasi has become a refined boutique hotel and the menu has developed into a gourmet extravaganza, featuring classic dishes, innovative flavour combinations and super healthy offerings to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Ibiza’s abundance of exquisite fresh produce from land and sea is the perfect complement to the Cas Gasi organic vegetable garden. Designed specifically to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Cas Gasi kitchen, any dish you order from the menu will no doubt contain at least one ingredient that has come directly from the grounds of the hotel. Enjoy delicious morsels such as Tzatziki with home grown cucumbers, Greek style aubergines with tomato sauce, grilled vegetables, stuffed zucchini flowers and the sweetest strawberries that are perfect on their own, in a dessert or a creamy smoothie.

With the kitchen recently renovated to bring in the latest state-of-the-art design and gadgets, combined with gardener Pepe leaving baskets of fresh fruits and veggies from the garden every day, eating at Cas Gasi is an experience that is simply delectable.

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