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Our latest accolades: what the press has been saying about Cas Gasi Ibiza



For Flaneurs …The hotel “Cas Gasi” in Ibiza is an institution. Like its owner Margaret von Korff, who never rests on her success.She frankly admits: “The hotel is me.”  No doubt: von Korff is a flaneur – not just physically; and ideally, she also wants a similar attitude from her guests, most of whom do not come just once.  “To have no stamp is wonderful”, she says. In a way, she succeeded. On the other hand, the “Cas Gasi” is and remains a place for guests for whom traveling is also an intellectual enterprise. And that’s a stamp that makes it easy to live with…  

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza



Cas Gasi: Countryside Spirit …Among the exuberant Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by imposing gardens and farmland, is the luxurious Boutique Hotel Cas Gasi of Ibiza.


Four acres of land surround a sumptuous nineteenth-century country palace completely restored and nowadays converted into a treasure where you can enjoy a dream stay…



Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza



Living and letting live: Maga von Korff, owner and lady of the house …Maga and her five-year-old water dog, Viz, never separate.


“She follows me everywhere without a leash,”


confesses the creator of this exclusive accommodation, located in a sophisticated environment that distinguishes itself by its impeccable simplicity. “Cas Gasi has been and is our home.

I have been able to develop everything that my concerns have asked me, from my curiosity for ecological agriculture, sustainability and care of our environment, to sharing what we have created with like-minded people” …

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