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The Observer – May 2023

The Observer – May 2023


The Art of Hospitality: Eight Hotels Curating Immersive Artistic Experiences

These properties take the luxury travel experience to a whole other level.
By Paul Jebara • 05/15/23 4:10pm

In the relentless quest for fresh travel experiences, discerning globetrotters have grown to expect more than just a comfortable bed and a view. The hotels that truly resonate with seasoned jet-setters are those that offer an immersive journey; a narrative that extends far beyond the plush accommodations and service that are now prerequisites for luxury travel.

Among these, one under-appreciated aspect of the hotel experience that stands out is the art. In a move that nudges the boundaries of hospitality, hotels are turning into canvases for artistic expression, essentially doubling as living art galleries. The guest’s journey meanders from curated lobbies to rooms where the walls are not mere partitions, but also exhibition spaces, with art collections that quietly grace the corridors, rooms and lobbies of these properties.

As locations become familiar and high thread-count sheets lose their novelty, art, with its timeless ability to captivate, lingers, inviting a deeper exploration of the space. These are not just areas of respite; they are expertly curated museums, their corridors echoing with the stories of artists, both local and international. It’s more than a mere marriage of art and hospitality, but a metamorphosis where one is indistinguishable from the other, creating an immersive cultural experience that transforms the familiar contours of a hotel stay into an extraordinary narrative of discovery.

Here, see eight properties around the world that aim to make an indelible imprint on the traveler’s psyche, forever changing the way we perceive a hotel stay.

Cas Gasi

Ibiza, Spain

Away from Ibiza’s coastal bacchanalia sits Cas Gasi, a boutique hotel and agriturismo, a destination often whispered about among celebrity clientele. This 1880s finca has been tenderly reimagined as a tranquil sanctuary thanks to the current owners, Margaret Von Korff and Luis Trigueros. Each of the 21 rooms reflects their personal tastes, with a medley of antique, modern and classical styles enhanced by exceptional art and eclectic decor. The pervasive luxury extends to tactile comforts, too: high-end linens, feather pillows and premium beauty products lend a subtle air of decadence to the hotel. The art collection is a thoughtful curation of works by local and foreign artists, including Vicente Calbet, Lula Martins, Mario Monti and Toni Pomar. The hotel’s on-site boutique, which features original items sourced by Victoria Durrer-Gasse, adds another layer to Cas Gasi’s cultural allure, with each piece acting as a tangible memory from Durrer-Gasse’s travels, or handcrafted by her network of women in Asian and African countries.

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