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Putting the art in heart

Putting the art in heart

Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff’s lifelong passion for design, art and architecture is highly evident throughout the rooms and grounds of the hotel. Constantly re-thinking the design aspects of the various spaces from year-to-year, she is always dreaming of new ways to realise her aesthetic ideas, which is why from one visit to the next you may notice certain pieces have been relocated, replaced or given a new lease of life.

While Margaret has always collected art from around the world, she holds a very special place in her heart for pieces from Ibiza, and is passionate about supporting and promoting local artists. James Taylor is one such artist showcased within the walls of Cas Gasi, and the story of how he came to be discovered by Margaret is a typical island tale…

In the 1960s, Taylor – a fascinating character – called Ibiza home, and was one of the few talented artists who could capture the essence of the island in his landscapes – think crumbling walls, subdued colours and impressionistic brushstrokes. Many moons later, his son Christopher was organising a photo shoot at Cas Gasi, and at the same time, he was in the process of moving possessions from the family home and asked Margaret if she would be so kind as to mind some of his father’s art, knowing she would look after them with the utmost care.

Ten years later, the work of James Taylor still adorns the walls of Cas Gasi, and although Margaret regularly reminds Christopher that he can collect the pieces at any time, it seems they have found a contented home.

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