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Step back in time – Eivissa Medieval Festival

Step back in time – Eivissa Medieval Festival

Travellers? We’ve got them. Sun worshippers? Flocking to our beaches. Yogis? Omming on the island. Fashionistas, celebrities and clubbers? They’re flocking to the island in droves. However one type of person you wouldn’t expect to come across on a trip to Ibiza is a medieval jester juggling leather balls in the cobbled streets of the old town – right?

Wrong! Once a year, the ancient fortress of Dalt Vila in Ibiza is transformed into a medieval fair for a long weekend celebrating the anniversary of its declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site in 1999. The cobbled streets are festooned with flags and banners while wenches in traditional costume peddle spices, fruits, cheeses, honey, wine and local produce from wooden market stalls.

Various performances take place throughout the weekend including magic shows, acrobats, clowns, belly dancers, puppeteers and minstrels – to name but a few. There are flocks of falconers with their wild birds and re-enactments of historical battles and tournaments attended by authentic princesses and knights in shining armour – interactive entertainment for all ages.

Atop the lookout point of Baluard de Santa Lucia is where all the after dark action takes place, with mouth-wateringly amazing scents of grilled ribs, sausages and steak, traditional steamed octopus, spiced kebabs, vegetarian-friendly falafel and much, much more waft through the makeshift ‘food court’, where it’s truly possible to feast like the Eivissa folk of days of yore.

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