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Discovering refreshing serenity within a haven:
a tranquil haven within a lush oasis

Our Ibizan Palaces are located in the most private area of Cas Gasi Ibiza, offering a luxurious and exclusive stay surrounded by the authentic essence of Ibiza.

They are a homage to Belgian architect Philippe Rotthier, who in his book “Ibiza, Le Palais Paysan” describes beautifully the Ibizan traditional architecture. It was he who coined the term ‘Palace’ for the Ibizan farmhouse.

Each Palace, composed by a Deluxe Suite and a communicating Junior Suite, is inspired by the Ibizan architecture with all the comforts you can dream of, with more than 165 square meters laid out in different and independent spaces that can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 guests per villa. Our most environmentally friendly rooms, these new Suites also feature photovoltaic panels on the roof, allowing them to be energetically self-sufficient.

Cas Gasi Ibiza
Cas Gasi Ibiza

The Ibizan Palaces invite you to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings lush Mediterranean gardens and the best views through their private balconies and terraces. Their design and decoration, includes seductive XXL beds, with feather mattress toppers and fine Italian imported damask sheets, luxurious sofas and armchairs, a coffee table, a classic desk and sophisticated decoration details.

Keeping the surprise, we invite you to personally discover one of the best villas in Ibiza where you can fall in love with the island and find a new home in our exclusive hotel.

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Experience ultimate privacy at the Ibizan Palaces:
two exclusive villas embodied
in the lap of nature

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