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Sweet suite: Deluxe Suite

Sweet suite: Deluxe Suite

One of the hotel’s most unique and frequently requested suites, the Tiffany blue-hued Deluxe Suite truly has a home-away-from home, instantly comforting appeal.

Beautifully arched terrace windows offer gorgeous views, and gentle fresh summer breezes in summer, while underfloor heating keeps the adjoining rooms super cosy in the cooler months. With one private entrance at the rear of the building, and another convenient doorway leading into the main house via the upstairs landing, making it as social or as discreet as you wish…

A true escapist’s haven, this suite comes complete with its own sitting room, writing desk and extensive library… taking up a long-term residence here to find out more about Ibiza living in winter or summer is easy to imagine (and has been done before!). The books lining the wall-to-wall shelves of the room hail from three generations of the Cas Gasi family, and are guaranteed to inspire nostalgic reading sessions or a spot of self-education, depending which titles catch your eye.

The spacious layout of the room is thanks to its previous incarnation as the farmhouse upper terrace. Good use is made of the interesting space via renovations however, luxuriously transformed into a deluxe space in which to situate a plush sofa by the plush king size bed, with panoramic views as far as the eye can see across the countryside and an adjoining luxurious hydro massage bath.

The trouble here is not finding a place to relax; rather, it is deciding exactly where you will relax first!

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