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The colours of Cas Gasi

The colours of Cas Gasi

Many first timers to Ibiza comment on the quality of the light here. It’s that particular diaphanous light that inspires Cas Gasi’s owner, Margaret, when she is decorating spaces at the hotel.

On entering the main house, the colours are earthy with creams and neutrals used to highlight the handmade terracotta tiles and enormous wooden beam that reaches across the living area. Everything is kept at a low profile to best allow the natural beauty of the structure to shine. Little things add colour, such as cushions and side tables, with the magnificent marble table in front of the fireplace providing a focus and gathering together all the colours of the room.

Each room has its own sense of lighting depending on the location and view from the window which often dictates the choice of fabrics and colours. Rooms with white walls may sport a surprisingly bright feature or a hot pink silky canopy over a daybed seems perfectly fitted to the green of the garden, traditional chalky blue paint surrounds the windows of the Junior Suite… each and every colour has been carefully considered.

Margaret is constantly assessing the various spaces and rooms to make sure they are updated and fresh; changing things when she feels a new perspective is required. She doesn’t consider herself an artist but her creativity definitely shines through when she puts a room together.

Her travels provide inspiration and Margaret is like an interior design detective, seeking out fabrics, colour combinations, furniture and new ideas with every place she goes, making each trip even more meaningful.

A big fan of refurbishing, Margaret is always hesitant to throw anything away. Part of the fun is finding new ways to reuse old things and examples abound throughout the property of pieces finding a new life and adding a fresh dimension to the space.

Art plays a huge part in Margaret’s life, with the walls of Cas Gasi adorned with many styles, adding to the colour and liveliness of the hotel.

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