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The importance of being Easter

The importance of being Easter



Does it sound like Oscar Wilde? Well, it’s all about how we celebrate Easter, depending on where we come from culturally.


And how do we celebrate it here on Ibiza and at Cas Gasi?    


Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Whereas the expression Easter (Ostern in German) derives from the Old English wordEostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn and spring, in Southern countries the name comes from the Latin Pascha, so Pascua in Spanish, Pasqua in Italian, Pâques in French etc…


Easter on Ibiza follows the Spanish Semana Santa tradition, with its ubiquitous use of the nazareno or penitential robe by the different brotherhoods.


This time is marked with solemn and vivid processions held on Holy Thursday in Ibiza Town and on the narrow and winding streets of the beautiful world heritage site D’alt Vila.


It’s an impacting experience and by itself a reason to visit the island at this time of the year. Nowadays, it has become part of the tradition everywhere to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by eating large quantities of egg shaped chocolates!

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Eggs were a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth. Did you know that the Easter bunny is related to the hare, being a popular motif in medieval church art, because in ancient times, it was widely believed (as by Pliny, Plutarch, Philostratus and Aelian) that the hare was a hermaphrodite?


The idea that a hare could reproduce without loss of virginity led to an association with the Virgin Mary. Here at Cas Gasi we follow a pattern of German origin, with hard boiled eggs in different colors, home baked brioche hares and plenty of delicious high quality chocolate eggs and bunnies. And for our smallest guests, we hide them early in the morning throughout the garden!

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