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The invisible members club

The invisible members club

Originally private members clubs were used as a retreat for the aristocratic class while in the city. Often they were also a way for men to gather to partake in gambling and other dubious pursuits although some clubs reached for loftier memberships involved in politics, science or the arts. More recently there has been a resurgence in the private members club scene. London, New York, Berlin and even more exotic locations have seen franchises such as Soho House establish clubs.

While Cas Gasi is not technically a member’s club, it operates on a similar basis. Cas Gasi connects with people in ways that bigger hotels are unable. With its relaxed and luxurious ambience it is very much like a second home where everything and everyone is familiar. Being Ibiza, things are kept casual, naturally. There’s no membership so to speak but previous guests and friends of the hotel are welcome to stop by for lunch, dinner or spa treatments. The hotel maintains its renowned discretion as usual; the facilities are there for guests, yet on occasion certain people may be offered a gentle invitation to join in.

The hotel is not open to the public generally speaking and the incognito members club started rather organically. Previous guests would call up to ask if they could drop by or they would recommend others to do so. Intimate dinners would be organised, old friends would request a luncheon. The inherent hospitality of Cas Gasi would instinctively and effortlessly be extended. Once you have stayed here it’s your home to return to whenever you so desire. As they say in Spain – mi casa es tú casa!

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