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The noble almond

The noble almond

The night of the February full moon is quite possibly the most romantic evening of the year. It is on the February full moon that Ibiza locals venture out into the chilled air to witness the magic of the almond tree blossoms over the fields of Santa Agnes. For many, the almond is synonymous with the island as a symbol of sweet nourishing longevity that brings such beauty and joy every winter.

Local folklore says a nobleman brought the first almond tree to Ibiza as a gift for his wife, who was pining after the white snows of her northern European homeland. The story goes he told her that he would bring the snow to her and that it would be perfumed. He showed up with thousands of blossoming almond trees and as far as we know they lived happily ever after and the almond tree becoming ubiquitous across the island.

For centuries Spain was the world’s largest producers of almonds, with the Balearic Islands containing the highest number of trees. The almond sustained the Ibiza economy right up until the 1970s when the Californian almond was introduced to the world market significantly lowering the global price. The recent purchase of a high tech almond harvester by a farming coop in San Antonio is forging a new path for almond production in the island. Hopefully the industry can be reignited.

February is a beautiful time of year to enjoy all Cas Gasi has to offer. Pop over for a visit and fully appreciated the stunning spectacle of the almond blossoms in bloom. The local tradition is to head out to Santa Agnes on the February full moon and cast your gaze across the valley where those sweet, delicate blossoms waft their magic scent through the air. Pure magic.

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