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The power of the sun

Photovoltaic is the answer!

All the roofs at Cas Gasi serve a practical purpose - they are equipped with photovoltaic systems to harness the power of the abundant Ibiza sunshine. Our boutique hotel takes advantage of this sustainable resource and employs a sophisticated setup of solar panels, allowing us to be energetically self-sufficient during the sunnier periods of the year.

Cas Gasi Ibiza

By utilizing the natural radiance of the Ibiza sun, we have integrated renewable energy into our operations. Each roof is carefully adorned with photovoltaic panels, which efficiently convert sunlight into usable electricity. This approach not only reduces our environmental impact but also demonstrates our commitment to responsible energy consumption.

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

At Cas Gasi, we prioritize sustainability without compromising on comfort. Our guests can enjoy the luxury of our accommodations while knowing that they are supporting an eco-friendly establishment. The combination of our stylish boutique hotel and the innovative photovoltaic technology showcases our dedication to a greener future.

Supported not just by the sun...

We are delighted and grateful that the Spanish government and the European Union are providing support to help make our island, our country, our continent, and our world a little greener.

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Supported not just by the sun...

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