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The present is a present

The present is a present at Cas Gasi Ibiza

Let’s play with words although etymologically the origins are different… Yes, the present, now, is a gift, and there won’t be any other moment like this! And at Cas Gasi Ibiza, we are waiting to celebrate the present with you, and what will undoubtedly be the most special summer on the island.


Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza



Hygiene measures and COVID19 protocols have been put into place to ensure a safe and quiet stay in our particular oasis of peace. We are delighted to invite you to our Boutique Hotel in the heart of Ibiza, which has been our family home for over 20 years and look forward to welcoming you back to our 4 hectares of beautiful countryside dressed with all the comforts you can dream of.




Your perfect stay is one of our priorities and in summer, part of it is to enjoy one of the elements of nature, water. With that idea, we have created two swimming pools:  adults can relax at the quiet main pool, where massages and yoga classes are held nearby, and children can play, jump, swim and have fun in their own area, where a smaller swimming pool with jet stream adapted to their needs will make their delight.




The Cas Gasi gardens are our little paradise: a variety of trees, plants and flowers decorate beautiful areas where reading, observing bird life and the natural flora or simply sitting down to enjoy the present, are some of the most pleasant activities you can give yourself as a gift of nature. In the evenings, enjoying the sunset from the gardens is a unique spectacle while the scent of the various plants and flowers unfolds….


Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza



We are excited to inform that our new restaurant has opened its doors, with Chef David Reartes as driving force in this project. A soft opening without further announcements, as is our way. A gastronomic space where you can savour local and natural Km0 produce, lovingly prepared and cooked in an open kitchen in different textures and techniques.




Relax and feel blessed during your vacation enjoying the massages and beauty treatments by our professional and expert team. Practice yoga on our yoga deck and experience the serene world around you. As we encourage you to start the day with yoga, we invite you to our free yoga class with Natalia that takes place every morning at 8:30 am.


The gym and spa area with whirlpool and sauna are at your disposal throughout the day, but following the new protocols, we need your advance reservation.


We look forward to offering you the most special vacation….


Your Cas Gasi Team

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