The Silent Garden, a Regenerative Farming Project, at Eco Luxury Agroturismo Cas Gasi Ibiza Hero Image
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The Silent Garden, a Regenerative Farming Project, at Eco Luxury Agroturismo Cas Gasi Ibiza

The Silent Garden, a Regenerative Farming Project, at Eco Luxury Agroturismo Cas Gasi Ibiza

The Cas Gasi Silent Garden, a regenerative farming project, is inspired by the no-dig garden system, which dispenses with all machinery and opts for simple, artisanal methods that respect natural rhythms and health.

Contrary to popular belief, producing food by hand does not have to involve more effort. In fact, the silent garden is designed precisely so that production is carried out in the most comfortable, calm and simple way possible.

 Just as a human being can be peaceful and at the same time highly effective, the silent garden is not at odds with productivity. On the contrary, it moves from peaceful observation to produce more (more colours, more shapes, more flavours, more smells) in less space.

The great open secret of the silent garden is its internal organisation. An organization that looks directly to nature and takes valuable lessons from it to create an ecosystem that is apparently new, but deeply rooted in ancestral knowledge.

Here, the successions from one month to the next, the rotations from one year to the next and the companionships between the different horticultural varieties that make up the plantation have been carefully chosen and organized so that all their needs are covered, from the most basic, such as nutritional needs, to the most complex, such as emotional and affective needs.

The place understands biodiversity as a heterogeneous materialisation of the same fundamental and profound essence that unites us all. This recognition of our union with all things becomes indispensable if what we desire is our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the living beings around us. From this happy recognition of the common essence that unites us, we actively open the way for the biodiverse to grow and multiply in these terraces.

The silent garden invites its visitors, both usual and occasional, to use the spaces at leisure. To this end, it has reserved some of its corners both for suggestive enjoyment among equals and for pleasurable contemplation in solitude. Intimate celebrations, unique concerts, attractive readings, spontaneous meditations or idle moments are activities that this cultivated space also wishes to nurture.

The space consciously seeks constant collaboration and deep connection between all its participants. Tiny bacteria, hard-working earthworms, busy bees, idle frogs and curious humans are welcomed here as roving friends of the resident plants and trees.

The silent orchard is a “seed space” that responds to the deep human desire for all beings to live together harmoniously on this planet. It is as suitable a place as any other to sow the seed of our peaceful will and to observe all the forms, colours, flavours and smells in which this will can manifest itself.

Visit the garden with familiarity and closeness!

Keep well and see you soon,

Your Cas Gasi Team

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