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Three easy pieces

Three easy pieces

As you may know, Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff takes pleasure in having a little morning stroll to Santa Gertrudis with her water dog Viz, having a coffee in one of her favourite cafes, and stopping by at Casi Todo – the island’s only auction house. When entering the hotel, Cas Gasi guests are able to see some of the few but meaningful treasures she has picked up there over the years.

A recent piece is the enormous gilt edge mirror, leaning on the wall as if temporary, next to Margaret’s family heirloom grandfather clock. It serves as a spot to check your outfit before you step out the front door, as a way to bring light and space to the area of the entry way or simply as a statement of personal taste. It was an irresistible purchase, fitting in so well with its surroundings, it appears to have been made especially for the purpose.

One special piece is the dusky red velvet child’s armchair that sits alongside the reception area. It sweetly awaits the softness of a little person to take refuge in its gentleness. Although, more often than not it is used as bolster to reach up and grab a hand full of sweets from the tray on the high counter! Margaret couldn’t think of a better use for this lovely piece of vintage furniture.

There’s one important piece bought from Casi Todo some time ago that few guests ever get to see, but without its presence work in the office wouldn’t be as nice as it is. Margaret’s desk is a modern contrast to the usual style of the hotel but she loves it dearly because it has a glass top which makes it light and airy. It is the brains trust where all major and minor decisions concerning the hotel are made. Slender and oval shaped, it is at times overwhelmed by papers but despite the load of work it always holds it together.

Whenever you happen to be in Santa Gertrudis, have a coffee and get in with the insiders at the Casi Todo Auction House – you never know what you might find.

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