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Treat yourself to a cosy winter

Treat yourself to a cosy winter escape and beat the blues!

It’s the season for warming fireplaces, cosy couch time, reading a favorite book, brisk outdoor walks, hot cocoa, a glass of red wine or a signature rose infused gin and tonic, dinner parties with friends and/or your loved one(s). It’s a good time for Cas Gasi!


As we feed the fire in our grand fire place, we remember that not everyone is aware that Cas Gasi remains open all year. However, those who are, enjoy it’s well known familiar charm, intimate atmosphere and wonderful connection to nature, just at one’s fingertips. Underfloor heating ensures that no one gets cold feet!


While the sun continues to shine brightly on the island, winter slowly moves in. Such clean crisp air in the soft sunlight! Enjoy fireside cocktails and private dining, or dip into our jacuzzi and sauna in our Spa for relaxing warmth…

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Special Offer 4th Night Free

In need of an extra long weekend? Guests can now benefit from our very special offer for 4 nights, with the 4th night free of charge until March 2019! All guests will also benefit from all the lovely extras Cas Gasi offers – including complimentary breakfast, spa access, use of bicycles, parking and Wi-Fi.


Guided Nature Walk

Delve deeply into the natural beauty that Ibiza has to offer by going on a guided walk, lasting between 2 and 4 hours. Get in touch with nature and cleanse your soul with the splendid landscapes and spectacular sea views the island’s less explored side has to offer!


Wintertide Bespoke Spa Package

Pamper yourself this winter with a Cas Gasi Wintertide Spa Package. Let yourself be soothed by warm oil massages, super hydrating protective facials, hot stone massages, warming winter yoga poses and more!

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

And something completely different… it still seems far away, but if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite room in Cas Gasi during your summer holidays 2019,


it’s time to book! Just drop us an email….


Ibiza at large has many jewels to offer such as long nature walks and winter sunsets that paint the sky with the most magnificent colors.


Many fabulous restaurants and shops remain open throughout the year for those who long to enjoy the island’s quieter months in style.


Treat yourself to a cosy winter escape and beat the blues!

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