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A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging

While Ibiza is becoming more and more attractive to individuals wishing to take a break from the cities or relocating to the island, Cas Gasi Boutique Hotel, a home away from home, is a wonderful choice and right now, the best hotel to stay. Such simple words for a huge concept.


We are open throughout the winter, both restaurant and hotel.  While everything is winding down due to Covid19, we are there, for those independent travellers in need of a break or wishing to spend a longer period on the island


Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Since our beginnings as a private home in 1989, Cas Gasi Ibiza has always captivated us for its bounty of natural resources: the fertile earth, the pristine water from the well, the doggedness of its trees…  The climate is usually mild, allowing winters with plenty of sunny days and outdoor living. The beautiful views stretching over half of the island have a relaxing and healing effect and the continuous contact to nature creates awareness, a feeling of here and now. The agriculture on the property dictates the timings every season, as does the care of our olive groves, fruit orchards and roses.


The beauty of the island and its location, surrounded by crystalline waters and the natural beaches, within easy reach from European cities, make it one of the best travel destinations in the world.


Cas Gasi Boutique Hotel is a responsible option if you feel you need a break or change in your life. You know that you will be in a space away from the crowds, in contact with nature, breathing clean air, doing exercise and eating healthy organic food. It’s a great starting point to scout the island. From its privileged location in the heart of Ibiza, in 15-20 driving minutes you can reach any point of the coast and choose every day a new destination or, better still, you may choose wonderful walking routes discovering the unknown Ibiza.

Welcome to Cas Gasi Ibiza

Our new restaurant is evolving into a meeting point for discerning people, with no more than 5 or 6 tables at a time. Whilst social distancing and other measures are guaranteed, the quietness of the environment and the beauty of the place are a balm for the soul in these very special times. Indoor dining offers cross ventilation and outdoor spaces are a good option, too, with its heaters and blankets.


This is an opportunity to be introspect and think about values and life. We have one life, at least one life with our awareness, and we have to live it well, whatever situation we are in. Here at Cas Gasi, it is easy to fall in love with life and feel this sense of belonging, to our small paradise, to the world, to the universe.

Keep well, and see you soon!

Your Cas Gasi Team

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