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Cas Gasi owner Margaret von Korff shares her unique take on design, creativity and the hotel’s eclectic style.

 I choose things intuitively.

It’s about having fun and following my inspiration, rather than going with any trend. I couldn’t define my aesthetic – but I do like things that have a story to tell and a history.

 The design of Cas Gasi has evolved over the years.

From the beginning it was clear that it didn’t need much decoration, as the traditional farmhouse had so much character. But time plays a great role, because you gather things and then you want them to be seen. This is something that builds up in an organic way, and there’s always a love for the objects included. It’s very intimate and personal. I think this process is the beautiful story behind it.

 The ambience here is very natural.

Everything has come about as part of a flow – we never thought we’d become a hotel. And the design in general is all about sustainability. We live with organic agriculture, with awareness of water consumption and so on, but in such a way that it’s not intrusive. To us it’s just the way things should naturally be.

 I prefer to go against the stream.

In life and design, I like finding out how to do things in my own way, rather than having them already done for me. And I prefer analogue processes to electronic ones – it’s about enjoying the discovery, rather than choosing ease and practicality. I think nowadays this way of thinking is much more of a statement and a chosen attitude.

 I’d rather have just a few important things than lots of pieces.

For many years we didn’t have any paintings hanging on the walls. I didn’t want to hang something just for the sake of having it. It was only around five years ago that I decided I’d like to place works by artists connected to Ibiza and the people we know here. Our guests love this and always comment on the designs.

Ibiza has always inspired me.

I love to see the landscape changing with the seasons. And the spirit of the island is still so creative – you see design everywhere. Our local village of Santa Gertrudis has a very artistic vibe. I enjoy scouting for pieces in Casi Todo auction house, and also pop by places like Sluiz, Castello and Tanis. But I look around everywhere, because it’s not easy to source individual designs and I like to be surprised by finding something different.

I like to use precious things in everyday life.

We have a trunk upstairs from 1606 that was in my family home, which I grew up treating quite casually. While it’s wonderful to have a 17th-century design here, I like that it’s just a part of our daily life. It’s the same when I have beautiful jewellery – I prefer to wear it every day, rather than saving it for special occasions.

Design can either be disruptive or give a feeling of harmony.

For me it’s all about creating harmony, and I would like our guests at Cas Gasi to experience this feeling too. But each person will see a piece of art or design in a different way. It’s not a passive thing, it’s a very active thing – and the interaction is really the adventure.

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