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Going back to winter

Going back to winter

As the temperature settles into a mild winter, the island’s mood changes from eventful to more reflective. Boots are dug out from the back of the closet and woolly jumpers are pulled on. The fire is lit and the island aesthetic turns cosy and heart warming.

Cas Gasi also reverts back to its typical winter mood. Owners Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros return to front of house to welcome their guests and into the kitchen to personally help prepare some of the delicious meals on the menu. The dogs settle down in front of the fireplace and the jazz soundtrack provides a gentle hum to the house. It really does feel like home. The glorious under-floor heating makes for a cosy and intimate ambience, both in the rooms and in the shared living rooms.

As it hardly rains in Ibiza, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the gorgeous countryside – either on foot or bicycle. As Christmas nears, Cas Gasi’s beautiful tree goes up, resplendent in twinkling lights while the scent of traditional home-baked sugar cookies permeates the house.

Life in Ibiza becomes quieter in the cooler months. The rhythms are conducive to quality time with loved ones, inner contemplation and a recharging of the batteries. Long walks on the beaches, sunsets over the mountains, hearty meals with lovely wines at Cas Gasi’s restaurant, reading by the fire and lazy mornings sleeping in.

A Cas Gasi winter is an exercise in luxurious self care on the Mediterranean’s most beautiful island.

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