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Meet the team: Pepe, gardening

Meet the team: Pepe, gardening

Many years ago in Ibiza, Cas Gasi owners Margaret and Luis contracted a local technician to come and install a water feature in the grounds of their home. In passing, they mentioned they were looking for someone to help out with the garden. The friendly plumber sent along his cousin, Pepe, and 18 years later the result of that casual conversation can be seen in the lush abundance of the Cas Gasi garden.

Born and raised in the area of San Antonio, where he still lives, Pepe has been lovingly tending to the Cas Gasi garden ever since that day so long ago. Margaret’s vision for the garden at Cas Gasi was straightforward – to create a place of refuge that would also provide organic and delicious fruits and vegetables. She soon found a gardening soul mate in Pepe who was not phased at all by Margaret’s desire to avoid chemicals – it was the way it had been done for generations, and the way the Ibicencos had done it for millennia before the administration started to interfere with their traditional methods.

These days the decorative parts of the garden are left to another team and Pepe concentrates his energies solely on agriculture. Taking good care of olive production, vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs, all the fruits (so to speak) of his labour end up in the Cas Gasi kitchen and on the dining tables of guests.

There is a quiet and unassuming pride in his work and demeanour. Margaret describes him as having the energy of a young man even after all these years. “He is everywhere at once, planting everywhere”, she says and her trust in his knowledge and ability is unwavering. His humble ways means that she sometimes needs to coax an opinion from him before making a final decision which almost always follows Pepe’s discreet instruction.

Between Cati who is the head of housekeeping and Pepe in the garden Cas Gasi is well cared for. It is a testament to Margaret and Luis that these two remarkable people are so committed to their jobs, to the point that they are no longer employees but definitely part of the family.

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