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Attitude Magazine – Sept 2019

Margaret greets us, in her friendly and discreet manner, accompanied by the inseparable Viz, her Spanish water dog.

Once we’re settled in, we are invited to enjoy this idyllic agri-tourism hotel – Cas Gasi – right at the heart of Ibiza, where no sounds disturb us other than birdsong, doves cooing, frogs croaking on the lily pad-filled-lakes, cockerels crowing and, further waya, goats grazing. Following this melodic welcome, we take a seat in the garden where Margaret shares her charming story with us. 

She discovered Ibiza when she travelled by Lufthansa to spend holidays on her husband’s boat, and then thiry yeard ago she decided to settle down on the island in order to pursue her passion – organic farming. A decade later, she decided to share the paradise she had created and that was the beginning of this hotel, which has now been receiving guests from all over the world for twenty years. It is a space that evokes the Ibiza of the past, fat from the crowds and concrete that stubbornly insist on invading the island’s Mediterranean coastline. The classical and comfortable décor, with details provided by objects brought back from her travels, alongside family portraits on the shelves in the common areas of the island, provide the space with warmth and a family atmosphere.

The guests who insist on coming back year upon year enjoy the excellent service found here, be it in the pool area or in the indoor restaurant whose dishes are based on locally-sourced seasonal products. The experience also includes personalised massage, a spa and fitness room with views over the olive groves that provide the olive oil used in the hotel.

With 17 bedrooms and open all year-round, Margaret still finds time to reveal some curiosities: that the hotel is soon going to boast two new suites offering stunning views from the hishest point of the propertu; that she isn’t always aware of the orgins of her most famous guests, and also that for short periods, she leaves the island in search of inspiration in order to improve her hosting skills and which she seeks to perfect year.

We look forward to returning soon.

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