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Spa and yoga retreats

Spa and yoga retreats

Yoga retreats have always been popular in Ibiza, but for some people, joining a group retreat is not always possible, or desirable. Whether it is the restricted dates that make it difficult to attend or that you’d simply prefer to experience a yoga retreat connecting with yourself, Cas Gasi can create bespoke yoga retreats for just one person.

From a one-day retreat to a 10-day package, Cas Gasi’s in-house therapist and yoga teacher can specifically tailor to your yoga and nutritional needs. After an initial meeting, you will undertake two private yoga sessions per day, including meditation and breathing techniques and also enjoy a therapeutic massage each day.

Alongside a nutritionist, Cas Gasi’s chef works to create a delicious vegetarian meal plan for the duration of your stay, keeping you nourished with as much produce grown right here on site in the Cas Gasi organic gardens as possible.

By night, you’ll enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep in your chosen abode within the hotel, and be ready to do it all again the next day. The perfect excuse to disconnect from your day-to-day life, and reconnect with yourself.

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