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The evolution of our wine list

The evolution of our wine list

Some people have the mind for wine. They can drink a bottle somewhere; remember the name, the vintage and even the taste. Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed with that kind of mind, or maybe it’s just too much wine that clouds our cerebral skills? For us mere mortals we know what we like but can only remember the name of two or three favourites and end up ordering the same thing over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you love but the world of wine is overflowing with possibilities – it’s a shame not to expand one’s horizons. That’s why a good wine list, created by wine lovers is essential to a lifetime of enjoyment.

In the early days of Cas Gasi, the wine list was decidedly Spanish in homage to the excellent and world renowned wines from this fair land. Sourced from smaller vineyards where a passion for wine was a prerequisite, each bottle was personally selected. As Cas Gasi’s owners travelled more broadly they came to realise that they would always lean towards the wines they knew on a list in any given country rather then try something new and local. If you stuck with that you knew you would be assured a good bottle. Yet, to miss out on all those other potential new favourites was tragic! And that’s when Cas Gasi’s wine list started to broaden.

Cas Gasi’s clientele are an international crowd and just like the rest of us, would tend to stick to the wines they knew. Trusting your hosts is the first step to trying something new and as guests start to feel more at home (it doesn’t take long at Cas Gasi) they begin to take further explorations into the expanding yet selective wine list. Along with favourite Spanish drops now sit varieties from France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and the USA. One could say that the list now more truthfully reflects the clientele – a representation of all the best regions in the world.

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